Geriatric Dentistry

Dental Care of Portland is a family dental practice that truly believes in dentistry for every age and stage of life. One of our core beliefs is that everyone is entitled to good dental care and treatment appropriate to their own unique needs. Simply put, we believe that you are never too old to have a healthy smile. We love working with elderly patients, getting to know them, and listening to their concerns.

As you age, focused care is required to make sure that you can eat, smile, and talk comfortably so that you can enjoy life. Dental care for elderly requires an awareness of the specific concerns that affect primarily elderly. Dr. Bhui has an extensive knowledge of these concerns and knows what to look for and what should be addressed.

Oral health has a direct link to overall health. Dental conditions like periodontal disease have been shown to have a direct link to other systemic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory disease. Since all of these conditions are more common in seniors, it is clear that taking good care of your teeth and gums is important.

Special Issues Affecting Elderly

While most of these issues can affect patients at any time in their lives, they are more common in elderly and the risk increases as they get older. Some of the issues we frequently manage when working with our elderly patients include

  • Dry Mouth
  • Medication
  • Medical Conditions

Periodontal Disease in Elderly Patients

While gum disease is common in senior citizens, it is not an inevitable part of growing older. By practicing good home care and keeping up with your regular appointments at Dental Care of Portland, we can keep periodontal disease and all of its aggravating symptoms at bay. If you have periodontal disease now, we will help you get it under control and keep it that way.


Not every patient will need dentures, but if you are among those who do, you deserve attractive, lifelike dentures that fit properly and enhance your quality of life rather than detract from it. Dr. Bhui is skilled at designing beautiful dentures that complement your features, facial structure, and skin tone. We can also discuss options like implant-supported dentures for extra security.

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